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Intelligent eMenu Board

Boosting Sales with Dynamic and Appealing Content

We Solve Your Problems

Re-print the menu again and again

Intelligent eMenu Board solution saves your money from unnecessary paper menu printing cost.

How to renew the menu in 100 branch restaurants all at once?

Editing and update the menu in all branch restaurants by one click

Why people pass my restaurant without visiting?

Dynamic eMenu board opens your appetites!

No More Lightbox and Paper Menu

Advantech’s intelligent eMenu board solution allows users to easily promote services and products via real-time advertisements. Users can remotely edit and dispatch content to the eMenu system, which then disseminates the content to all chain restaurants. The eMenu Board solution is an all-in-one package that comprises a multimedia player and UShop+ SignageCMS content software. This solution not only reduces operating costs, but also enables remote device monitoring and content distribution to up to 500 client devices.

  • Edit Content
  • Schedule and Dispatch
  • Remote Device Management
  • Diverse menu templates are provided to satisfy various usage requirements. To create a menu, users only need to select a template, edit the content, choose a color theme from the tool bank, and export the menu.
  • Content can be scheduled for specific times. Users can pre-program menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and dispatch them to various locations in advance.
  • Managers can supervise and monitor the content program status from any of the menu board player client devices at diverse locations via the cloud platform.

Remotely Manage eMenu Content With 3 Easy Steps

With Advantech’s UShop+ SignageCMS software, managers can edit the menu content, set content delivery schedules, and update and revise menu items and prices remotely in 3 easy steps.

“WYSIWYG” User Interface

Users can choose a preferred menu template, replace the image and text then complete the menu design. Using the "what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)” user interface for editing, users can drag-and-drop content and view the layout as a finalized artwork.

Stimulate Appetites with Dynamic and Enticing eMenu Broadcasts

Rather than staring at a menu picture, imagine watching a digital menu board show a video of cheese melting on a hamburger. Delicious and significantly more appetizing! Professional eMenu boards can be used to display multimedia promotional content that not only entertains waiting customers, but also increases overall revenue by up to 5% through targeted marketing.

Reduce Operating Costs by Up To 7%

Advantech’s intelligent eMenu solution is a comprehensive and reliable content display system that features an ultra-slim bezel and large display screen, as well as Advantech’s professional content management software, UShop+ SignageCMS. Compared to traditional menus, Advantech's eMenu solution enables restaurant managers to reduce overall operating costs by up to 7% by eliminating poster printing and manpower costs.

Manage and Transmit Signage Contents to Up To 500 Remote Client Devices

Advantech’s eMenu solution supports cloud management, which enables restaurant owners to distribute signage contents to up to 500 remote client devices. This feature can reduce operating costs and enhance overall management, especially for chain stores.

System Architecture

Want to know more?

Choose The Package That Fit Your Needs

UShop+ eMenu Player

3 options

  • Lite ( 2 Displays)

    Supports 2 display outputs. Best for small restaurants, food courts, coffee shops, drink shops and dessert shops.

  • Standard ( 4 Displays)

    Supports 4 display outputs. Best for medium and large scale restaurants, fast-food restaurants and chain restaurants.

  • Pro (6 Displays)

    Supports 6 display outputs. Best for large scale shopping district and malls.

UShop+ eMenu Server

2 options

  • Signage CMS Server Standard, SW

    The UShop+ SignageCMS standard version can be built in self-owned server for managing multi-client displays all at once. It can manage up to 500 client devices at one time.

  • Signage CMS Server Pro, SW

    The UShop+ SignageCMS Server professional version enables touch screen function, it can be integrated with various sensors for interactive applications. It can manage up to 500 client devices at one time.

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