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Ordering Information

Solution Package

WISE-PaaS Situation RoomSRP-SR-100-BTOWISE-PaaS Situation Room
  • LCD Wall: 86“ x 1 + 55“ x 2
  • Server and Display: DS-980 x 1
  • Control Panel: UTC-520 x 1
  • WISE-PaaS/SignageCMS x 1
WISE-PaaS VIP Membership 98DPWAP2KWISE-PaaS Membership
  • WISE Point: 2,000 Points
SRP-IFS310Electronic SOP Server SystemSRP-310
  • IPC-610 x 1
    Windows Server 2016 R2
    eSOP Server System
SRP-IFS312Electronic SOP Client SystemSRP-IFS312
  • UNO-2272G x 1
    Windows Embedded 7 Pro
    eSOP Client Service APP
SRP-IFS320Assembly Line Efficiency Monitoring SystemSRP-IFS312
  • TPC-1551T x 1
    Windows Embedded 7 Pro
    ALM Service APP
SRP-IFS321Assembly Control and Data AcquisitionSRP-IFS321
  • ADAM-3880-AE x 1
  • Screwdriver x 1
SRP-IFS330Electrostatic Discharge Monitoring SystemSRP-IFS330
  • TPC-1551T x 1
    Windows Embedded 7 Pro
    WebAccess/SCADA 300 tags

  • ADAM-4570 x1

  • MTD-T012 x 1
    Electrostatic Discharge Acquisition Module