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ATS and Advantech Solution Ready Package: Inspect for Quality Inspection Processes


How to Catch and Repair Defects, Improve Quality and Reduce Costs

ATS and Advantech partner together to offer their customers an all-in-one solution for visual inspection and repair processes.

The solution includes Advantech industrial servers and HMIs, the ATS Inspect software solution with 1-year Software Management Agreement (SMA) included, and all the necessary activities to put it into service.

The idea came from the aim to provide to customers an out-of-the-box total solution for visual and dimensional inspection at the shop-floor by reducing development time and costs.

ATS Inspect Solution-Ready Package

The architecture of the Solution Ready Package

Hardware Selection

The Benefits

The Solution Ready Package includes

Target Markets

Wherever a manufacturing company produces something that can be inspected visually and dimensionally, there is a potential application for ATS Inspect. Typical production is high-value and low volume.

Examples of target markets are the following, but applications are many more.

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