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Advantech Joins TAITRA New Delhi Strategy Center Realizing an All-of-India Approach and Develop a Local Ecosystem


Advantech (2395), the world's leading supplier of industrial computers, announced at the second annual SMART ASIA India Expo & Summit, that it would collaborate with the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) in its New Delhi Strategy Center, which aims to enhance India’s Industrial and Embedded IoT market. This is Advantech’s fourth strategic location in India, with the other three being its Bangalore headquarters in South India and offices in Pune and Ahmedabad, West India. Event attendees included Taipei World Trade Center Chairman James C. F. Huang, Mr. H. D. Kumaraswamy, Chief Minister, Karnataka, Mr.Mukesh Kalra, Joint Secretary for international trade from FISME, Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in Chennai Director-General Charles Chao-Cheng Li, Karnataka Chief Minister Mr. H. D. Kumaraswamy, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike Mayor Mr. R. Sampath Raj, and FICCI Chairman Shekar Viswanathan along with over 100 Indian executives, business and media personnel, who witnessed the initiation of Advantech’s India Strategic Collaboration with TWTC.

India is the world’s second most populous country and sixth largest economic region. In line with Prime Minister Modi’s goal of doubling economic growth to US$5 trillion by 2025, India has become the rising star of BRICS economies. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) further predicts that India will lead the world in annual economic growth for 2018, with its GDP growth reaching 7.4%. Indeed, punters speculate that India could overtake the US and China to become the “world’s largest economic region” by as early as 2050.

Advantech Board Director Chaney Ho mentioned that since Chairman James C. F. Huang’s inauguration, his portrayal of India as an “essential of essentials” has been in line with Advantech’s “all-of-India” strategy. He also commented that Advantech has long recognized the great opportunities in India. Strategically targeting India as a key South Asian country, Advantech entered the local market in 2002 by setting up a headquarter in Bangalore, also known as “India’s Silicon Valley”. Since establishing a factory in 2012 initiating the Make in India movement, Advantech has initiated numerous large infrastructure projects. With this notable introduction to the market, along with dependable localization, Advantech has experienced double-digit growth in India.

Miller Chang, President of Advantech Embedded IoT Group also mentioned that except for our headquarter in Bangalore and local offices in Pune and Ahmedabad, Advantech is planning to establish a new branch in Kolkata as well. Joining TAITRA’s New Delhi Strategy Center this year not only places Advantech in a good position in North India, but also completes the final stage of the company’s “All-of-India” approach – to have representation in the north, south, east, and western regions of this large sub-continent. Additionally, Advantech hopes to work with TAITRA to engage in co-creating domain focused solutions with local partners from various industries and facilitate this co-creation eco system in India.

Mark Yang, Advantech’s Director of Embedded IoT Group and General Manager of Inter-continental, pointed out that in order to enhance the local market, Advantech spent years overcoming the multi-lingual, multi-culture, and multi-racial issues in India, and finally obtaining local clients’ approval and support by establishing mutual trust and reciprocity. Moreover, Advantech has benevolently contributed to local talent and Indian IoT education by sharing the company’s experience and many intelligent IoT case studies during campus talks at approximately 25 of India’s top IT colleges. As Advantech has always been looking for the “Right People on the Bus,” future scholarships are also planned to offer to local talents training and job opportunities in Taiwan.

Mark firmly believes with TWTC’s assistance, Advantech will not only growing its share of the Indian IoT market, but will also developing smart manufacturing systems for diverse industries and applications, such as in steel plants, power plants, mines, and automotive plants. Joining TAITRA’s New Delhi Strategy Center also promotes Advantech’s co-creation IoT solution-ready packages (SRPs) with specialized companies within various industries throughout India, thereby accelerating cloud services and application development for smart cities. The newly established New Delhi Strategy Center will also serve as a doorway for Taiwan’s smart manufacturing export, assisting Taiwanese companies in partnering with each other to build industrial ecosystems in India. 

Advantech presented its newest technologies and solutions, including WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS Cloud Package, Intelligent Retail Solution Platform, Wireless IoT LoRa Gateway,and Intelligent healthcare solutions, at the second annual SMART ASIA India Expo & Summit. Going forward, Advantech plans to showcase at least 30 software/hardware-integrated IoT SRPs co-creating with various partners at the upcoming Advantech IoT Co-Creation Summit to be held in Suzhou, China, on November 1-2.

With TWTC’s assistance, Advantech will not only growing its share of the Indian IoT market, but will also developing smart manufacturing systems for diverse industries and applications. (Left 2-5: Chief Minister, Karnataka, Mr.Mukesh Kalra, Taipei World Trade Center Chairman James C. F. Huang,  Advantech’s Director of Embedded-IoT Group and General Manager of Inter-continental, Mark Yang, Advantech

Advantech Embedded-IoT Group India Sector Head, Peter Lai)

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