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Advantech Launches New, High-performance Multifunction PCIE DAQ Card


When users need advanced DAQ card features such as analog trigger and a waveform generator, the PCIE-1800 series, with A/D resolution from 12-bit to 26-bit and sampling rate from 500KS/s to 500 MS/s, simultaneous or multiplexed sampling, can fulfill a variety of solution needs.

For multiplex sampling (PCIE-1810 and PCIE-1816/H), or simultaneous (PCIE-1802, PCIE-1812, PCIE-1813 and PCIE-1840), all these products support analog trigger through the use of analog trigger mode. Analog input users can set trigger levels so that when an event is triggered it will start or stop acquiring data, and filter out unnecessary signals when data needs to be analyzed.

If customers don’t have the extra budget required for a dedicated waveform generator, the PCIE-1810, PCIE-1816/H, PCIE-1812 and PCIE-1813 will do the job. Since they are able to generate a wide range of continuous waveforms and display them on a PC monitor, users can simulate and output waveforms for a range of features such as sound or vibration.

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