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Advantech Certified Wide Temperature Peripherals Ensure Reliable System Operation in Harsh Environments


Advantech has just released a series of wide temperature products including memory modules, Flash products, and adapters that are able to withstand various harsh conditions, especially extreme temperatures. Many applications need products that are designed to operate in harsh environments, such as on drilling rigs in the oil and gas industry; requiring high-reliability parts with wide temperature ratings. These products are certified through Advantech’s Design Quality Assurance process to make sure standards are strictly followed.

Advantech Certified Flash Products


  • Extended Temperature Range: for extreme environments with an industrial -grade temperature range of -40°C to 85°C and adaptive thermal throttling. 
  • Power-Failure Protection: in the event of abnormal Flash product power failures, a power buffering capacitor and specially designed firmware recovery system significantly reduces risk of data loss and corruption. 
  • Responsive Performance: compared with traditional hard drives, Flash products deliver significantly faster performance and application loading times in harsh environments. 
  • Shock-resistant Protection: since Flash products have no moving parts; their input and output per seconds are many times faster than those of their mechanical counterparts.
  • Enhanced Data Integrity: protects data with industry-leading ECC correction algorithm and secure data firmware.


With a wide temperature range, and improved data security, these Flash products are suitable for the following application fields.
  • Intelligent Transportation: in-vehicle computing boxes and driver information, adaptive driver assistance programs. 
  • Industrial Environments: aerospace solutions, heavy robotics, and in field remote communication equipment.

Advantech Certified Memory Modules

Key Benefits:
  • Wide Temperature Support: stable operation in extreme temperatures (-40°C to 85°C) 
  • 30u Gold Finger Connectors: ensures DRAM stability in any given circumstances for extra reliability. 
  • Non-stop Applications: 24/7 operation. 
  • Low Power Consumption: Industrial-grade capacitors ensure voltage stability.


Wide temperature modules are designed to address a wide variety of rugged and industrial applications.

  • Base stations and outdoor telecom installations. 
  • Single board computers used in industrial, defense, and aerospace. 
  • Kiosks and digital signage applications. 
  • Intelligent video applications. 
  • Automation machine applications. 
  • Power & energy applications. 
  • Blade Servers.

Advantech Certified Adapters

Advantech adapters can support operating temperatures from - 20°C to + 70°C, and full loads from 40°C to 70°C. These external power supplies use high quality electrolytic Japanese capacitors that offer greater reliability and operating temperature ranges than any other commercial power supplies on the market. They are ideal for harsh applications such as outdoor security or industrial manufacturing systems.

Key Benefits: 

  • Lifetime greater than 3 years. 
  • Japanese Capacitors: Provide higher reliability under stress. 
  • Focus model MOQ < 10 pcs. 
  • 2 years Warranty. 
  • Local technical support and RMA services.


  • Industrial Automation: compact fanless design with IoT gateway, box PC. 
  • Digital Signage Players: wide temperature for use in semi-outdoor environments. 
  • Panel PCs: simple and easy installation.

Advantech Wide Temp Products

2.5" SATA SSD List:


Compact Flash (CF Card) List:

Micro SD Card List:

Memory Module List:
  • AQD-SD3L4GN16-MGI / Advantech 4G Anti-sulfur and Wide Temp SO-DDR3-1600 204Pin 512X8 1.35V Micron Chip
  • AQD-SD3L8GN16-MGI / Advantech 8G Anti-sulfur and Wide Temp SO-DDR3-1600 204Pin 512X8 1.35V Micron Chip
  • AQD-SD4L4GN24-HGI / Advantech 4G Anti-sulfur and Wide Temp SO-DDR4-2400 260Pin 512X8 1.2V Hynix Chip
  • AQD-SD4L8GN24-HEI / Advantech 8G Anti-sulfur and Wide Temp SO-DDR4-2400 260Pin 1GX8 1.2V Hynix Chip
  • 96D4I-4G2400R-ATL / 4G Wide Temp DDR4-2400 288Pin 512MBX8 VLP 1.2V Registered Samsung Chip
  • 96D4I-8G2400R-ATL / 8G Wide Temp DDR4-2400 288Pin 1GX8 VLP 1.2V Registered Samsung Chip
  • 96D4I-16G2400R-ATL / 16G Wide Temp DDR4-2400 288Pin 2GX4 VLP 1.2V Registered Samsung Chip

Adapter List:

  • 96PSA-A36W12R1 / FSP Adapter AC to DC 100-240V 36W 12V C6 DC PLUG 90°
  • 96PSA-A60W12V1-1 / FSP Adapter AC to DC 100-240V 60W 12V C14 DC PLUG 180°
  • 96PSA-A90W19T2-2 / FSP Adapter AC to DC 100-240V 90W 19V C6 CORD END TERMINAL 2 PIN
  • 96PSA-A120W12P4 / FSP Adapter AC to DC 100-240V 120W 12V C14 TERMINAL BLOCK 4 PIN
  • 96PSA-A150W19P4-1 / FSP Adapter AC to DC 100-240V 150W 19V C14 TERMINAL BLOCK 4 PIN

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