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【Phase In】Intel Cascade Lake - SP II CPU -Purley Refresh


PAPS is pleased to announce the phasing in of following Intel Cascade Lake - SP II CPU -Purley Refresh

  • 96MPXECA-2.3-13M36 / XEON 2.3G 13.75M 3647P 10C Silver 4210T
  • 96MPXCAR-2.4-13M36 / XEON 2.4G 13.75M 3647P 10C Silver 4210R
  • 96MPXCAR-2.4-16M36 / XEON 2.4G 16.5M 3647P 12C Silver 4214R
  • 96MPXCAR-3.2-11M36 / XEON 3.2G 11M 3647P 8C Silver 4215R
  • 96MPXCAR-2.9-22M36 / XEON 2.9G 22M 3647P 16C Gold 6226R
  • 96MPXCAR-2.1-35M36 / XEON 2.1G 35.75M 3647P 26C Gold 6230R
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