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Advantech Launches Compact 4U Rackmount Industrial Chassis for Motherboards & Full-/Half-size SBCs


Advantech, the global leading ePlatform service provider, is pleased to announce the launch of the IPC-619/619S, a compact 4U industrial chassis for mission-critical applications. The elegantly designed IPC-619 is a solid industrial chassis with a depth of only 429 mm–much smaller than normal chassis in the market–that can accommodateaPICMG 1.3/1.0 full-size SHB/SBC with up to 14-slots for full-length cards or an ATX/microATX motherboard for application ready requirements. The IPC-619S achieves even greater space savings, without sacrificing flexibility; this compact model, with a depth of only 274 mm, can accommodatehalf-size SBC’s and 10 slot half-size backplanes with an additional 5 slots available for expansion.


Rugged Industrial Chassis
The IPC-619/619S is designed to perform reliably even in the harshest environments. A shockproof cushioned design secures both 5.25” and 3.5" disk drives, and a hold-down clamp solidly fixes add-on cards in place to maximize reliability. There is also an optional COMBO kit for a 5.25” drive bay. HDDand power LED indicators are on the front panel, and the logo can be customized with any desired nameplate. With its excellent flexibility, this chassis can serve as either a cost-effective economy solution or a high performance system. It is ideal for power plant master systems, railway control systems and other mission-critical applications.

Compact, Flexible and Rich I/O interfaces

Advantech is committed to helping system integrators get maximum value for minimum expense. The IPC-619/619S supports flexible form factors, including full-size PICMG 1.3 SHB and PICMG 1.0 SBC, motherboard and half-size SBC. It can satisfy user requirements from cost-conscious solutions all the way up to high endsystems. Even for a half-size SBC in IPC-619S, the user still has up to 5 expansion slots for additional I/O add-ons.



Ready for Market Applications
The IPC-619/619S series is suitable for industrial applications in tight spaces, especially for power plants and metro or train stations. It provides rich functionality and flexible platforms for a variety of Advantech SHB, SBC and ATX motherboards. The IPC-619/619S series is ready now for global ordering. Please contact your local Advantech representative for more information.




Form Factor
PICMG 1.3 full-size SHB, PICMG 1.0 full-size SBC, or ATX/microATX Motherboard
PICMG 1.0 half-size SBC
5.25” Drive Bay
3.5” Drive Bay
Rear I/O
BP: one 9-pin D-SUB opening
MB: five 9-pin & one 68-pin D-SUB openings
One 9-pin D-SUB opening & 5 expansion I/O slots
1 (85 CFM)
1 (85 CFM)
Air Filter
2 (washable and reusable)
2 (washable and reusable)
Power Supply
300 W / 400 W PS/2 single
250 W / 300 W PS/2 single
(W x H x D)
482 x 177 x 429 mm (19” x 7” x 16.9”)
482 x 177 x 274 mm (19” x 7” x 10.8”)




Ordering Information

Model Name
Full-size backplane version, without power, with ATX switch
Full-size backplane version, with PS-300ATX-ZBE power supply
Motherboard version, without power, with ATX switch
Motherboard version, with PS-300ATX-ZBE power supply
Half-size SBC version, without power, with ATX switch
Half-size SBC version, with PS-250ATX-ZE power supply


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