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UIO40-Express, RSB-3430, with AIM-Linux for City-bike Service Station


Application Requirements

Due to air pollution issues and the growth of short-distance commuting, there are more and more bike service stations being set up in urban areas across the globe. Service stations have pressing computing requirements: efficient power consumption, diverse functionality, centralized management, and digital security. Finding suitable solutions for end application integration requires time and resources.


Bike service stations are outdoor, all-weather working environments deployed in different locations. Low power consumption, reliability and a centralized control center are necessary in managing these bike service stations.


The value-added AIM-Linux with an UIO40-Express box solution offers the best solution for bike service stations. AIM-Linux supports ready-to-use Ubuntu image integration for related wireless drivers like Wi-Fi and LTE, security boot SDK, remote update architecture, and DeviceOn for centralized management. Except AIM-Linux packages, the UIO40-Express box as EPC-R3430 supports Arm Cortex A9 NXP i.MX6, HDMI, RS-232 and M.2, mini-PCIe w/ SIM, 2 GbE for connectivity.

Key to Success

  • Ready-to-use Ubuntu image
  • WISE-DevicOn for remote central management
  • Certified wireless module driver integration
  • AIM-Linux SDK for “Security boot” and “Remote update”


  • Arm Cortex A9 NXP i.MX6 2.5" SBC
  • 1 full HD HDMI, 2 ch. LVDS
  • 1 RS-232/422/485, 1 GbE, 2 USB
  • M.2 & Mini-PCIe for the wireless expansion
  • UIO40-Express expansion supports 
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