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Industrial Motherboards for Robotic Surgery Simulator Systems



The customer was a design and manufacturing company of robotic surgery simulator systems. Robotic surgery simulators are for surgeons and surgical teams who wish to engage in training with system skills exercises and 3D videos to align training pathways to specific surgical specialties. The company owned the system design/IP and their systems were cleared by the FDA for general laparoscopic surgery.

The Challenge / Objectives

The company was sourcing an industrial motherboard for their next generation robotic surgery simulator system. Because the motherboard’s computing power, quality, and reliability directly impacted the overall performance of the system, the board requirements and selection process were extremely stringent.

Requirements Overview

  • Supported Intel® 7th & 6th Gen Core™ i processor
  • ESD handling
  • BIOS /Firmware development
  • Supported TPM
  • Functional and environmental testing
  • Regulatory testing
  • Lifecycle management
  • Customer support

The Solution

Advantech’s AIMB-275 Mini-ITX Industrial Motherboard, based on Intel® 7th & 6th Gen Core™ i processor, was selected for the customer’s application. The AIMB-275 met the computing performance, industrial, and compact design requirements while offering multiple I/O and I/O expansion if necessary. In addition, Advantech’s local engineering, quality, and production services ensured that it could act as a one-stop partner for the company to further fulfill the customer’s requirements for OS development, testing, management, and other support services.

Solution Highlights

  • Designed for a minimum 7 years + product availability
  • Supports  Intel® 7th & 6th Gen Core™ i processor with Q170 with security TPM option
  • All I/O ports passed IEC61000-4-2 4th edition standard level 4 ESD protection
  • DQA for both functional and reliability test reports
  • MTBF report
  • Compliant Level 4 ESD/EMC
  • FCC/CE test reports
  • RoHS DoC and REACH
  • Fast turn-around-time for customized BIOS
  • Fast turn-around-time RMA
  • Local engineering/hub/production/assembly support
  • Local quality assurance service
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