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Efficient Wireless IoT Sensor Node and Gateway Solutions for Smart City


IoT and sensing technologies are improving our quality of life in many ways, from intelligent transportation, smart street lighting and smart metering; making cities into smarter, more efficient cities that offer new convenience and innovative services. Riding the digital tide, many public utilities have started to test smart metering of power, water, gas or other energies, using integrated sensors and communication devices that enable real time data acquisition, automatic billing, cloud-based management,and event-triggered notifications.


Smart City applications often require the deployment of huge numbers of devices over a large area, and the efficient, large-scale deployment and management of application devices at an affordable price is crucial for success.


Due to the seamless Advantech hardware and software integration and the Arm’s unique Device-to-Data Platform, the solution simplified device on-boarding with quick and secure device registration and provisioning,saving time and resources needed for deploying a large scale IoT system.

Arm Pelion IoT Platform Makes IoT Management Easier

With services and solutions provided by Arm Pelion IoT Platform, a SI can easily and quickly provision functions including data acquisition, remote monitoring, and device management. Software updates can be implemented over the network from a remote management center with end-to-end security, eliminating the need for onsite visits and manual practices. The SI can also use tools provided by Arm Pelion IoT Platform to create logic rules for triggering short message notifications as part of billing system or alarm system management. Arm Pelion IoT Platform also provides tools for developing a dashboard to present data with figures, tables, or plain text. User-end dashboards can also be developed that let utility subscribers use browser-supported devices to review their energy use and billing.

Big Data Analysis with Cost-Effective Communication

When accumulated device data in the cloud data lake grows to a scale sufficient for big data analysis, analytic tools are also available for users to extract meaningful information that can help the city better understand its energy consumption and map out strategies for energy conservation. Such Smart City applications require constant delivery of large amount of small data packets to the cloud, so Advantech recommends the use of LoRa wireless communication for data transmission; it features lower power, lower maintenance cost, and reliable data delivery over long distances. At the hardware level, Advantech WISE-1510 is recommended for deploying wireless sensor nodes, and WISE-3610 for wireless IoT gateways; both are based on a simplified RISC structure using Arm processors or microprocessors and supporting a variety of communication methods including low power LoRa LPWAN.

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