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Highway Speed Measurement Radar with Image Processing


Market: Intelligent Transportation

Location: Portugal

Partner: F. Fonseca

Project Introduction

The need to use radar systems for speed measurement is growing in importance. This is not only true for military applications but also for civilian applications. The latter includes (but not limited to) monitoring speeds of vehicles on highways, sport competitions, airplanes, etc. the government use microwave doppler radar devices, which transmit waves while simultaneously receiving reflections from moving objects. They can be standalone or hand held.

System Requirements

A SI customer won the tender to develop a system in several European cities. They are very active in the area of transportation and decided to partner with Advantech who provided their UNO-2362 Embedded Automation Computer. The Highway Speed Measurement Radar with Image Processing system was to be installed in outdoor locations so they needed a computer with wide operating temperature ranges. They choose Advantech products because they are industrial grade and had years of experience in the field of in-vehicle and transportation solutions for respecting speed’ rules.

System Description

UNO-2362 is a fanless highly ruggedized Embedded Automation Computer with a choice of embedded operating systems (Windows CE, Windows XPE, Linux-Embedded). It also includes iDoor technology which supports automation feature extensions such as fieldbus communication, Wi-Fi/3G, and Digital I/O, available in palm, small, and regular-size form factors. Embedded Automation Computers feature specific functions that make them suitable for data gateways and data server applications.Their multiple networking interfaces can help shorten development times and UNO-2362 was integrated into the speed radar system cabinet. The system also needed high resolution cameras for mass surveillance that use optical character recognition to read the license plates on vehicles as they sped past. 


To win this bid it was essential that the system integrator could have a highly reliable low cost industrial computer which could connect to the mobile cameras distributed throughout the city and be capable of being monitored and controlled from a central location.

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