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【Industrial-Grade Handheld Computing Solution】Hexagon, Nanjing High-Speed Rail, and Jinan Jinzhong


Applied Products: PWS-470, PWS-472


Industrial-grade handheld devices are widely employed for outdoor operations, component production applications, and equipment and vehicle inspections. Equipment inspections are essential for monitoring operational conditions and environmental changes, identifying equipment faults and potential safety concerns, and implementing effective measures that ensure equipment safety and system stability. Although not all industrial equipment presents a health and safety risk when operational, regular inspections are necessary for equipment where significant risks to health and safety may arise from incorrect installation, maintenance delays, deterioration or system failures, and any other circumstances. In the past, equipment inspections did not involve real-time communication or comprehensive management systems, leading to a high incidence of 

  • Inadequate, missed, or delayed inspections 
  • Inefficient inspection reports prone to human errors and omissions 
  • Managers not having immediate, accurate, and comprehensive information regarding wiring conditions, and thus not being able to optimize operations and maintenance.
  • To address these failings, wireless inspection equipment is increasingly employed for equipment inspections. This equipment regulates inspectors’ standard operating procedures (SOPs) and enables management staff to supervise inspection personnel. Advantech’s rugged, full-coverage, wireless handheld inspection instrument supports on-site data collection and inspection scheduling. Inspectors are required to adhere to a strict inspections guideline to ensure quality control, eliminate faults, and implement improvements. Once a fault is identified, relevant data must be collected and analyzed. With the rugged design of Advantech’s handheld device, inspectors can maintain operations and respond to emergencies even in dangerous industrial environments. This durability substantially optimizes the inspection process, while also facilitating outdoor applications. Advantech’s various handheld computing solutions not only enable operations monitoring, but also facilitate the implementation of paperless operations and reduces staff-related data input errors for improved work efficiency.

Hexagon: Territory Mapping

Hexagon is a leading global supplier of technology solutions that assist clients with planning, measurement, and visualization in order to optimize data processing and presentation. Moreover, by collaborating with Advantech and adopting its PWS-470 rugged handheld computer, Hexagon has achieved further development and success. 

 Advantech’s PWS-470 system can be used in conjunction with Hexagon’s surveying and mapping instrument. Data collected by the instrument is stored on the PWS-470 device and processed using customized system software before being transmitted to the backend system via wireless communication technologies. These features also allow backend managers to monitor the progress of mapping personnel. With traditional paper-based operations, all mapping data must be documented on paper forms before being manually summarized and input into a computer. By comparison, with the adoption of Advantech’s industrial-grade handheld PWS-470 device, Hexagon substantially increased the efficiency of outdoor surveying and mapping operations while eliminating the mistakes and typographical errors of manual data recording and input. In summation, the PWS-470 system substantially increased the accuracy of mapping data.

Nanjing High-Speed Rail Train Inspection

Nanjing High-Speed Rail uses Advantech’s PWS-472 rugged industrial-grade handheld computer equipped with PDA scanners and integrated with the railway administration’s track inspection management system for conducting train inspections. First, the inspection manager sets the parameters of the planned inspection, including the designated area, points, and items for inspection. This information is then uploaded to the inspection management system for easy access. Taking advantage of the PWS-472’s built-in communication technologies, inspector personnel can download the information to the portable handheld device to ensure inspections are completed according to the company SOPs. The backend system also records nodal feedback for the entire process, ensuring the applicability of the specified inspection routes and preventing inadequate or missed inspections. Additionally, the PWS-472’s connection ports allow inspectors to integrate PDAs for scanning and recording vehicle equipment data, uploading real-time messages and data to the inspection management system, and ensuring data is up to date. 

Because train inspections are typically performed outdoors, handheld inspection equipment must be rugged and durable in order to withstanding rough handling or accidental drops. Advantech’s PWS-472 is an industrial-grade system with shock and vibration resistance, as well as an IP65 rating for protection from dust and water ingress and an impact tolerance of up to 4 foot, enabling it to withstand operation in harsh outdoor environments.

Jinan Jinzhong Weighing Equipment Inspection

Jinan Jinzhong Electronic Scale Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company based in Shandong, China. The company’s leading products include various electronic scales, weight sensors, scale display controllers, and resistance strain gauges, of which weight sensors and electronic platform scales are the main products exported. The Jinan Jinzhong Group’s warehouse stores a large number of scales. To ensure the accuracy of these scales, periodic inspection and maintenance is essential to guarantee product quality. 

 With the integration of externally connected PDA scanners, Advantech’s PWS-470 can be used to inspect the scales. Collected data can be saved to the backend system directly to facilitate immediate resolution of equipment faults. Inspectors can also transmit information regarding the fault to the backend system to enable prompt dispatch of maintenance and repair personnel. Thus, PWS-470 provides an extremely convenient inspection solution that can save time and improve overall operational efficiency. 

 Advantech’s PWS-470 is an industrial-grade device with an IP65 rating for ingress protection, making it suitable for operation in warehouse environments. PWS-470 also features built-in Wi-Fi and 3G modules that enable wireless communication and an Android operating system that supports customized software.

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