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Cost-Effective and Stylish Elevator Display Solution for Office Buildings


Project Introduction

Digital displays are being increasingly implemented in office areas, such as meeting rooms, hallways, and elevators, for either broadcasting important information or displaying promotional content. For this project, a leading Taiwanese paper product manufacturer wanted to upgrade its elevator display system at its headquarters office. The original display system comprised a non-industrial-grade, PC-based content server connected to a display computer and 10” LCD display located in each elevator. This system had been in use for over 10 years and was beginning to exhibit problems. Firstly, the displays were so old that the image was often blurred and the colors dull. Additionally, voltage fluctuations in elevator power caused the display screens to flicker. Finally, because media formats supported by the content server were limited, content updates were difficult to conduct and videos and images were frequently exported with an incorrect aspect ratio. In order to resolve the above issues promptly, Advantech recommended its digital signage solution, which combines industrial-grade hardware with cloud-based content management software to provide a cost-effective total solution for high-performance digital signage operations.

System Requirements

  • 10” industrial-grade, all-in-one (AiO) computer with high image quality and a wide operating temperature range to withstand elevator temperatures.
  • Industrial-grade Ethernet switch to provide a fast and stable Ethernet connection.
  • Industrial-grade digital signage server equipped with content management software.

Products Deployed

  • Advantech UTC-510D 10.1’’ AiO computer
  • Advantech multi-display digital signage platform
  • Advantech industrial Ethernet switch
  • Advantech WebAccess/IMM web-based digital content management software

System Implementation

Advantech installed its ARK-DS762 as the new digital signage content server in the control room for managing the headquarters office’s entire elevator signage system. Designed to serve as an advanced digital media player and content server, ARK-DS762 combines high processing and graphics performance (3rd Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor with 45W TDP) with rich I/O ports for easy expansion. ARK-DS762 platform was also equipped with Advantech’s WebAccess/IMM digital content management software to provide a user-friendly content management system for staff to easily edit and update signagecontent. WebAccess/IMM supports over 30 media formats and can be used to manage more than 500 displays. The software also allows staff to remotely view and capture the contents of any elevator display in real time.

The original two-piece display systems (a display computer combined with a 10” display) located in every elevator were replaced with an Advantech’s UTC-510D 10.1” AiO computer. Equipped with an Intel® Atom™ E3825 processor and fanless design, UTC-510D delivers excellent computing performance and stable operation despite high elevator temperatures. The UTC-510D’s beautiful 10.1” LCD display with 1280 x 800 resolution and 350-nit luminance provides crisp and bright displays of diverse multimedia content. Regarding software, each UTC-510D system is installed with the WebAccess/IMM client program. When connected to the Internet, UTC-510D can automatically receive and display content
from the server according to a pre-set schedule.

When considering digital signage for elevators, the enclosure that houses signage is quite important. Slim or recessed enclosures are generally preferred because the elevator space is limited. The UTC-510D’s customized enclosure is not only attractive, but also protects the screen from accidental damage. The removable frame design allows UTC-510D to be easily integrated with the enclosure and mounted flush to the wall for a neat and modern elevator appearance.


Advantech delivered a highly integrated digital signage solution that not only reduced overall costs, but also shortened the installation time. Additional benefits are as follows:

  • Improved efficiency for content management
  • Crisp and bright digital signage displays
  • High flexibility for expansion to more elevators

Apply for Locations

  • Office Building Elevators
  • Shopping Mall Elevators
  • Hotel Elevators
  • Hospital Elevators
  • School Elevators

System Diagram


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