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Dual / Single Intel® QuickAssist Acceleration Card

  • One or two Intel® QuickAssist Accelerators based on the Intel® Communications Chipset 8950 & 8925 previously codenamed "Coleto Creek"
  • Compression, Crypto, Security Offload and Acceleration
  • IPsec and SSL Acceleration including AES, 3DES, Kasumi and SNOW
  • Two devices provide over 300k RSA decrypt ops per card
  • Compression/Decompression with 40Gbps Compression offload (LZS, Deflate) per card
  • PCIe gen. 3 x8 host interface
  • Onboard Gen.3 PCIe switch
  • Half-height, half-length PCIe form factor
Advantech’s PCIE-3020 is a half-height, half-length PCI Express adapter supporting hardware acceleration for Intel® QuickAssist Technology. In the highest performance SKU, two Intel® Communications Chipset 8950 onboard accelerator devices are complemented by a PCI Express gen. 3 switch to fully utilize the bandwidth offered by the latest Intel® Xeon® E5 processor family. Packaged in a standard half-height, half-length PCIe form factor, the PCIE-3020 is a perfect fit for hardware acceleration and offloading in high performance, high density throughput servers and appliances.

Offering acceleration for common security and crypto offloads such as AES, 3DES, Kasumi and SNOW, the PCIE-3020 can supplement the CPU throughput for the termination of standard security protocols such as IPsec and SSL, freeing up valuable cores and CPU cycles for application processing. With 50Gbps bulk crypto throughput and 165k RSA decrypt ops per accelerator device, the PCIE-3020 with more than 300k RSA decrypt ops offers best-in-class performance per watt at an outstanding price-performance ratio. Complemented with 20Gbps compression offload (LZS, Deflate) and even higher decompression offload per accelerator device, the PCIE-3020 can also be of great benefit in storage applications.

Ultimately, the PCIE-3020 supports simultaneous crypto and compression offloading, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications such as WAN and traffic optimization, secure storage and secure web servers. Two price / performance optimized variants of the card are available supporting one Intel® DH8950 and one Intel® DH8925 PCH device providing scalability of Intel® QuickAssist offload capability. Fully supported by Intel® QuickAssist Libraries and the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), customers can use application software without modifications across Intel® platforms with and without Intel® QuickAssist hardware acceleration minimizing time-to-market, total cost of ownership and resource investment.

Complementing Advantech’s offering of standard blades, servers and appliances with built-in and scalable Intel® QuickAssist offload, the PCIE-3020 rounds up the portfolio by bringing Intel® QuickAssist offload to white-box servers and proprietary platforms. Through Advantech’s Customized COTS framework and services, the PCIE-3020 can be easily tailored to meet customer requirements, both in terms of standard PCIe form factor cards with different accelerator configurations or integrated with Ethernet controller silicon on both standard and proprietary form factor cards. Contact your Advantech representative to learn more about Advantech's standard PCIe adapters, networking platforms or professional customization services.

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