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OpenVPX CPU Blade with Intel® Xeon® D-1500 family Processor

  • 5th Generation Intel® Xeon® processor, up to 12 cores / 24 threads
  • Customized from the OpenVPX MOD6-PAY-4F1Q profile
  • Default 32GB/16GB DDR4 2133 onboard memory with ECC support, up to 64GB*
  • High speed interfaces: Data Plane: Dual SRIO up to 5Gbps, Expansion plane: PCIe Gen3, and dual 40GBase-KR4 on user-define plane
  • Two ruggedized connectors and common I/O port connectors available on the front panel
  • 64GB onboard NAND flash, and 1x SATA M.2, 2x NVME M.2 storage options available
The MIC-6315 is the 6U OpenVPX processor blade echoing to the customer’s requirements. Based on the Intel® Xeon® D-1500 processor family, the MIC-6315 supports to 12 cores/24 threads, to fulfill the computing requirements form the customer. The MIC-6315 provides various high speed interfaces to communicate with the system: dual Serial Rapid I/O on the Data Plane, a configurable PCIe gen. 3 x 16 port on the Expansion Plane, with another x8 and x4 PCie ports on the user-define plane, and there are two 40GBase-KR4 ports available on the user-define plane. These interfaces enable the possibility of high speed data communication to optimize the performance of the product. Serial Rapid I/O and PCI express have low latency, scalable, error recoverable deterministic interconnectivity to the mainstream peripherals and I/O cards to create a system with vast functions. To maintain the maximum memory throughput in the different harsh environments, the Advantech R&D teams dedicate themselves to optimize the layout of the product. The MIC-6315 is capable to support ECC in a dual channel design running up to 2133MT/s with 64GB capacity*, and has the default capacity of the onboard DDR4 with 32GB or 16GB. The MIC-6315 offers three types of the storage options: A 64GB onboard NAND flash as the native storage, and three M.2 sites with 1x SATA M.2, 2x NVME M.2 interfaces are supported at the same time. The MIC-6315 has a reinforced convection-cooled heatsink as the thermal solution. Two native ruggedized connectors are available on the front panel, and several common I/O port connectors can be used for debugging purpose at the same time. Compliant with the IPMI 2.0, the MIC-6315 uses Adavantech-code-based board management solution, and supports iKVM, remote control and upgrade. This Advantech BMC code uses the LTS kernel for stability and security, and enables the possibility of customization. The user can setup the PCIe switch configuration in the BIOS menu without any firmware or hardware modification.

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