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SQF-C25 910C

SQFlash 910C U.2 PCIe 2.5" SSD (SFF-8639)
  • U.2 (SFF-8639) PCIe 2.5" SSD
  • Compliant with PCIe Gen. III x4 interface and NVMe 1.1
  • Supports 120 bit ECC correct per 2K Byte data
  • Duo-quad core processor with stable throughput
  • Support Voltage Stabilizer
  • GUI management tool & software API package
  • GPIO preserved for security function control
SQFlash Enterprise Class PCIe Gen. III x4 2.5" SSD

Product Specifications Download Spec

  • Part Number
  • Details
  • Operational Temperature
  • Transfer Protocol
  • Connector
  • Flash Type
  • Capacity
  • SQFlash Utility
  • Shock
  • Vibration
  • Interface


  • Operational Temperature

    SQF-C25M8-200G-E7C 0 ~ 70 °C
    SQF-C25M8-400G-E7C 0 ~ 70 °C
    SQF-C25M8-800G-E7C 0 ~ 70 °C
  • Transfer Protocol

    SQF-C25M8-200G-E7C PCIe Gen. 3 x4
    SQF-C25M8-400G-E7C PCIe Gen. 3 x4
    SQF-C25M8-800G-E7C PCIe Gen. 3 x4
  • Connector

    SQF-C25M8-200G-E7C U.2
    SQF-C25M8-400G-E7C U.2
    SQF-C25M8-800G-E7C U.2
  • Flash Type

    SQF-C25M8-200G-E7C MLC
    SQF-C25M8-400G-E7C MLC
    SQF-C25M8-800G-E7C MLC
  • Capacity

    SQF-C25M8-200G-E7C 200 GB
    SQF-C25M8-400G-E7C 400 GB
    SQF-C25M8-800G-E7C 800 GB
  • SQFlash Utility

    SQF-C25M8-200G-E7C Support
    SQF-C25M8-400G-E7C Support
    SQF-C25M8-800G-E7C Support
  • Shock

    SQF-C25M8-200G-E7C 1,500G, Peak / 0.5 ms
    SQF-C25M8-400G-E7C 1,500G, Peak / 0.5 ms
    SQF-C25M8-800G-E7C 1,500G, Peak / 0.5 ms
  • Vibration

    SQF-C25M8-200G-E7C 20G, Peak / 80 ~ 2,000 Hz
    SQF-C25M8-400G-E7C 20G, Peak / 80 ~ 2,000 Hz
    SQF-C25M8-800G-E7C 20G, Peak / 80 ~ 2,000 Hz
  • Interface

    SQF-C25M8-200G-E7C PCI Express
    SQF-C25M8-400G-E7C PCI Express
    SQF-C25M8-800G-E7C PCI Express

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