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7DI/8DO RS-485 Remote I/O

  • 7ch digital input/8ch digital output
  • Protocols:ASCII
  • Watchdog timer to recover the system
  • The Wi-Fi interface is easily integrated with wired or wireless Ethernet devices, users only need to add a wireless router or AP to extend existing Ethernet network to wireless.
  • Supports Modbus, which can be used to poll the data from Modbus/RTU devices,Then you can access the data by Modbus or REST from the WISE-4051.
  • The WISE-4000 can log up to 10,000 samples of data with a time stamp. The I/O data can be logged periodically, and also when the I/O status changes. Once the memory is full, users can choose to overwrite the old data to ring log or just stop the log function.
The ADAM-4050 features seven digital input channels and eight digital output channels. The outputs are open-collector transistor switches that you can control from the host computer.

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