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Modular Box Platform, Azure IoT Edge, WISE-EdgeLink, Intel® Core® i5, 4G RAM, 32G SSD, 4 x LAN, 4 x COM

  • Extends cloud intelligence and analytics to edge devices
  • Boosts productivity and response times with data insights
  • Offers secure cloud communication and edge intelligence
  • WISE-EdgeLink supports more than 200 PLC device
  • WISE-EdgeLink 8000 tags
IoT solutions, such as stream analytics, machine learning, image recognition, and other high-value AI modules, deployed from the cloud to the edge to support diverse applications.Local data processing enables immediate decision-making and reduces bandwidth costs by minimizing the data transmitted from local devices to the cloud.The inclusion of Azure IoT Edge Security Daemon and onboard TPM 2.0 increases device security while a SSL ensures connectivity between the cloud and intelligent edge.

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  • LED Indicators

    ESRP-CSS-UNO2484 Power, HDD, LAN (Active, Status), RTC Battery

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