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Case Studies

PayinTech Develops Advantech Mobile POS Solution for Cashless Payment Service



Hellfest is a metal festival held annually in Clisson, France, and one of the biggest of its kind. This year (2017), with the number of attendees reaching more than 180,000, innovative logistical solutions were essential for ensuring that the festivities ran smoothly for both guests and performers. The French company PayinTech offered the organizers ofHellfest its payment systems software solution for convenient payment service. However, PayinTech found that most consumer-grade tablets either had insufficient capabilities to run their software or an inconveniently located NFC reader. The company needed more advanced equipment suited for high-volume commercial environments in order to facilitate cashless payments at the festival.

PayinTech established a collaboration with Advantech in Europe to create a suitable solution for the desired application. Advantech iRetail offered assistance with integrating their software solution, eventually determining that its AIM-37tablet with printer cradle provided the ideal hardware. Accordingly, Advantech provided PayinTech with a demo unit for testing.

Product Developed

  • Advantech’s AIM -37 10” industrial-grade tablet
  • Advantech’s unique printer cradle with charger for AIM-37

System Requirements

  • Industrial-grade tablet with embedded NFC reader
  • 10” screen with support for Android 6.0 OS
  • IP54-rating for protection from water and dust ingress
  • Automatic printer cradle with charger to serve as a mini POS system


PayinTech combined their software with the AIM-37 tablets and printercradles provided by Advantech iRetail to create a cashless. This solution involved NFC-enabled cards that attendees loadmoney onto and then use to make payments at bars and restaurants throughout the festival grounds. The cards could be acquired before or during the event and topped up(Step 1) using an AIM-37 tablet with printer cradle at one of the on site cashless banks or via online money transfers at the Wi-Fi stations.

Purchases of food and beverages (Step 2) were processed using AIM-37tablets without a printer cradle as customer receipts were not required. The results of implementing the payment solution were shorter queues,faster ordering, and reduced payment errors. In total, PayinTech purchased 160 AIM-37 tablets for Hellfest and another140 units for future utilization. Moreover, PayinTech plans to use Advantech’sAIM series as the standard hardware for operating its software at future events in Europe.



  • Industrial-grade design and IP54 rating for protection from water and dust supports operation in busy hospitality environments
  • Tablet can be easily combined with a plug-and-play printer cradle to provide a professional POS solution capable
  • NFC reader embedded in the front panel allows easy access for rapid payment service
  • Reduces customer wait times and queues for increased customer service and satisfaction
  • Minimizes payment processing errors caused by human error, increasing overall efficiency
  • Supports both Windows and Android 6.0 OS
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