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Case Studies

Advantech 10.1\" All-in-One Computers Integrated with MES Production Tracking Systems


Location: Malaysia
Company: Factories of a global lighting provider

Project Background

Since the first Manufacturing Execution System (MES) was launched more than 20 years ago, these systems have been widely employed for various manufacturing operations. For this project, a global provider of lamps, luminaires, and lighting solutions planned to update its production facilities in Malaysia, which included its front-end and back-end factories in Penang and Kulim, by upgrading and expanding its MES tracking system. Previously, only the front-end production lines were integrated with the MES tracking system (approximately 400 touchscreen terminals). However, in addition to upgrading its existing touchscreen terminals, the company now wanted to equip all its production lines with MES production tracking terminals.

System Requirements

  • Stylish and rugged 10" all-in-one touch computers
  • Terminal with a true-flat P-CAP touchscreen
  • Terminal that can be easily equipped with a barcode scanner


Slim and Fanless Industrial-Grade AIO Touch Computers for Easy System Integration

For the first phase of the project, the company planned to install 200 computers integrated with its MES on its back-end production lines. Every automation machine in the production line would be equipped with a touch terminal. Additionally, because the company regularly invites customers to visit the factory floor, they wanted to ensure that the factory environment was stylishand professional.

To satisfy the customer’s requirements, Advantech recommended its UTC-510D industrial-grade fanless computer powered by an Intel® Atom™ E3825 processor. Featuring standard 75-mm VESA mount holes, the UTC-510D could be easily mounted on the existing automation machines. With its easily Integrated barcode.

Scanner for Efficient Production Tracking
The primary purpose of an MES tracking system is to accurately and efficiently track the entire production process. The production station workers can easily access the MES system using the terminal touchscreen instead of a keyboard or mouse. Additionally, workers can use the integrated barcode scanner to instantly input product data and conduct related activities. The data is then synced to the cloud server for subsequent review by the factory supervisor and company management.


  • Advantech’s user-friendly UTC touch computer equipped with a barcode scanner can be integrated with the MES production tracking system for increased efficiency and production accuracy.
  • The MES tracking system terminals and optional peripherals are easy to install and can be expanded to additional production lines in the future.
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