We're deeply convinced that art and cultural conservation is an essential part of a beautiful life, and also an important index of national progress.” We promote life enrichment through the arts to edify both mind and soul." This is our belief. Advantech is devoted to a series of recreational artistic and cultural activities with the aim of spiritual growth for its employees, including songs, music, dance, drama and painting. Artistic temperament permeates everywhere all the time in Advantech.

For years we have been sponsoring the "Huayang Award" watercolor painting competition, and other artistic activities and shows. Advantech not only support these with resources, but also encourage all employees to actively participate in artistic and cultural activities to enrich the cultural life of our society.

Advantech office buildings in both Taiwan and China are designed with public welfare art galleries, providing an exhibition space for potential artists for free and enabling employees and visitors to experience art on site. Some appreciation activities on the subject of beauty are also held from time to time to raise artistic conservation.

In addition, we also hold artistic and cultural salons and other large music appreciation fellowship activities regularly, where we can meet friends and discuss arts as well as help shape Advantech's corporate culture, improve corporate brand and image, build good external relationships, and share cultural connotations within Advantech's beautiful life.