TCAP is short for Temporary Coverage Assignment Program, which provides a platform for employee development and training. The short-term project tasks provided by the company's major, top-down or emerging markets and emerging opportunities provide the employees with the opportunity to receive different challenges and grow.

TCAP targets global employees of Advantech; the assignment period is usually 3 to 6 months, and the sites cover Advantech Taiwan Headquarters (affiliate enterprises included) and all offices worldwide.

All TCAP Assignments are posted on the company's internal website. Employees can apply for the tasks if they think they're qualified enough, and the final person will be decided through the appropriate selection process. In the past, some employees are unable to accept foreign tasks due to family or child education problems. But now the 1-2 years of assignment is replaced by the flexible and task-oriented TCAP program, we hope the short-term task objectives can accelerate the development of employees.