Advantech e-Learning courses are divided into three categories: new hire training, professional courses and management courses.

Through the e-Learning platform, new hires will have a good understanding of company organization, corporate culture, administrative resources, human resource policy, environmental safety and health, and other information; all topics are covered, from minor issues of how to set up on-line meeting rooms and introduction to the work environment, to major issues such as corporate development vision or expertise. This information is all made available in the new hire training channel.

Professional courses allow Advantechers to cross train, in areas such as financial statements, marketing development strategy, product life cycle reliability technology and others. The management courses include global strategy, organizational behavior and other aspects of learning resources. The management concepts are updated from time to time to cater to the social changes and tendencies, so that all Advantechers from different professional backgrounds are able to build comprehensive management skills through self-study.

The e-Learning platform is the best channel for Advantechers to realize the vision of "Working and Learning toward a Beautiful Life." It provides an opportunity for employees to study by themselves in their spare time, and it makes study more flexible, training more complete, and “life more beautiful.”