Since 1983, Advantech has been growing steadily. We think that talent is undoubtedly the most important asset we have and that responsible employees should be credited for their achievements. That's why employees are listed as one of the most important stakeholders of Advantech. For employees who have devoted their valuable time to Advantech, we promise to follow the vision of, "Working & Learning Toward a Beautiful Life", and build Advantech into an open development environment where everyone can grow.

Work: An open working environment helps recognize employee talent

At work, Advantech's services and locations are spread worldwide. This means we can offer cross-border training, and diverse work opportunities at different stages in our employees' career development. We encourage our staff to fulfill their potential and expand their views and experiences internationally through job rotation, or by actively striving to cross-train and improve their own competency and skills.

Learning: Diverse talent cultivation improves performance and competitiveness

In learning, Advantech provides many kinds of advanced education opportunities for its employees. As long as they have a passion to study and a willingness to invest time, trying their best to absorb new knowledge, each employee will acquire the professional skills needed at work and be confident to face the ever-changing global market.

Advantech has an ever growing e-learning system and employee zone website, which provides basic information, traning and SOP's and management guidelines used by Advantech. For mid-level talent, we have instituted a Champion Program series of courses to collectively study important subjects regarding Advantech operations, as well as helping employees gain field experience and learn about the work culture at Advantech. In addition, Enterprise-Academia Collaboration held by the Advantech Foundation also provides a valuable opportunity to benefit from both teaching and learning between Advantechers and educators. We can share and exchange our rich work experience with young students in the spirit of altruism, and create a win-win cooperative approach to industrial knowledge and academic growth.

ABLE Club helps Advantechers achieve A Beautiful Life

"Talent Invigoration" is our core value, and pursuing a "Beautiful life" is how we achieve it. Through a series of diverse activities held by the Advantech ABLE Club (Advantech Beautiful Life), we share our passion with families, employees and society, and embrace the beautiful life together.

ABLE Club was developed from the employee perspective, and cares for the real needs of employees. "Working & Learning Toward a Beautiful Life" is a growth target for Advantechers. We hope it will help them pursue innovative learning opportunities, experience life and contribute to society in their spare time. Through involvement in sports, passion, LOHAS and the arts, we expect to deepen the emotional communication between Advantechers and their families, and increase their family bonds.

ABLE Club encourages Advantechers to take advantage of the learning opportunities after work and recharge themselves from time to time to improve their competitiveness. We also encourage employees to incorporate these opportunities outside the workplace, showing concern for society, promoting public welfare, doing good works through sharing and helping others, and in the end, creating a "beautiful life."