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Advantech’s hardware and software platforms enable you to construct scalable, agile and future-proof IoT solutions, without ever being locked into a single vendor.

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With industries becoming more competitive, organisations need to innovate in order to increase market share and meet rising customer expectations, all within their existing infrastructure and the heavily regulated environments they operate in. This innovation process is not about radical invention, but business evolution, with technology as an enabler to their strategic objectives. Advantech occupies a unique position in the marketplace, offering open end-to-end solutions and domain expertise that enable our customers and partners to benefit from saleable, agile, and future-proof IoT initiatives.”

Advantech occupies a unique position in the market, offering open end-to-end solutions and domain expertise that enable our customers and partners to benefit from scalable, agile, and future-proof IoT initiatives.

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Advantech’s Unique Position in the Market

Advantech occupy a unique space in the market, offering a middle ground between point technology vendors and end-to-end solution suppliers. Advantech have paradigm experts and products in every technical element of a solution stack, but we also offer open platforms at all levels with users free to select exactly what they need, benefitting from our whole stack expertise. Advantech support solutions globally, with access to local service centres for users to extend the reach of their sales force.

Hardware and software platforms for end-to-end solutions

Advantech’s open and flexible architecture is the secret to our success, enabling our partners to collaborate dynamically and roll out solutions for a variety of different propositions in any number of industries, whilst also working alongside existing architecture.

Our open standard end-to-end solutions are interoperable, meaning there are no vendor lock-ins and no siloed architecture. Advantech’s solutions are scalable, offering an efficient path to market, rapid prototyping with our Solution Ready Packages (SRPs), and a future-proof platform, eliminating obsolescence and further upgrade costs.

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Verticals supported

Our opportunities for innovation span a variety of sectors, which each face different challenges. Benefit from Advantech’s domain expertise with our individual sector solutions:


Our Co-creation Model

IoT solutions require multiple areas of domain expertise, fuelling an industry shift toward more collaborative innovation. Advantech uses co-creation to unite technology vendors, platform providers, and vertical domain experts into a single ecosystem to deliver tailored solutions, driving value for our customers and the entire partner community.

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