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Date: 2/4/2010

Building Automation & Energy Management


Advantech’s building automation & energy management solutions offer friendly web-based user interfaces, remote access and management capabilities, and open systems technologies; including open database management and BAS standard protocols (Modbus, BACnet, and LonWorks). In addition, Advantech’s DDC Controllers, HMI/SCADA, and Energy Management System Software can be seamlessly integrated together to improve energy efficiency and save costs.
Advantech WebAccess software analyzes energy usage and helps to save energy costs. Additionally, it provides the following features:

Receive, store and analyze metering and sensor data to optimize energy usage
Provides powerful analysis and reporting tools for exploring cost reduction opportunities
Automates cost allocation and supports utility bill validation
Allows creation of environmental compliance reports (Japan NEDO)

It can be utilized in the listing fields:

Commercial buildings
Factory buildings
  Health care buildings
School buildings (public and private)
Higher education institutions
Government buildings
Institutions which spend a lot of money annually on operations, maintenance and construction



Advantech offers series of products to integrate the Energy Saving System.

    WebAccess Software
  - Captures data from a wide variety of facility devices, such as Meters, BAS, Process control systems, etc.
  - Analyzes and organizes data.
  Direct Digital Controller
  - BAS series Direct DigitalController are powerful all-in-one controllers. They can perform a field control logic system. Moreover, their specialmultiple Input/Output Channels can directly process discrete and analog signals. With their powerful Graphical Programming Tools (Function Block Builder) , BAS series are the more efficient control devices for Building Automation(BA) and Environment Monitoring System (EMS system).
  Energy Management HMI
  - Visualize, monitor, & control facility operations.
  - Evaluate costs of consumption patterns.
  - Evaluate capital improvements and operational changes.
  - Lower costs for energy usage and operations. 



Advantech WebAccess/BEMS

  WebAccess/EMS   Advantech BEMS
Browser-based HMI/SCADA Software
 Building Energy Management System

DDC Controller

  BAS-3520    BAS-3512
20-ch Web-enabled DDC Controller
12-ch Web-enabled DDC Controller

I/O Expansion Modules

  BAS-3050   BAS-3051
16-ch DI/O Expansion Module
16-ch DI Expansion Module
  BAS-3018   BAS-3024
8-chUI Expansion Module
4-ch UI, 4-ch AO, 4-ch DO Expansion Module


  WebView-651H   WebView-1070
5.7" Web-enabled HMI
10.4" Web-enabled HMI
  WebView-1261   WebView-1270
12.1" Web-enabled HMI with AMD LX800
12.1" Web-enabled HMI with Intel Celeron M


Web-enabled Communication Gateway