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Date: 12/26/2012

Retail / Restaurant

When a customer enters a store these days, the shop owner is hoping to catch their attention. Shoppers are expecting to have the best shopping experience possible. With every store vying for the almighty consumer dollar, retail digital signage systems give retailers a variety of tools and applications, helping them to increase revenue while keeping costs under control. Retail digital signage has a proven track record of success for point-of-sale, in-store TV, quick service restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping mall applications.

Every retailer can benefit from improving the shopping experience and making employees more productive. Digital signage and self-service kiosks are powerful tools that can improve the in-store experience, reduce the load on your customer service staff and even provide a supplementary revenue stream for your stores. Use retail digital signage in your storefront to attract customers, at end caps and cash wraps to generate impulse purchases, or install touch screens to create a truly interactive experience.

  • Highlight upcoming sales and promotions througout the store with retail digital signage
  • Provide mapping and directions to shoppers to direct them to specific store areas
  • Data Mine your touch screen displays to find out exactly what your customers are interested in
  • Show the manager on duty by automatically updating the display when he or she clocks in for a shift
  • During non-store hours display training programming for your employees. Verify that it's been complete with our Data Mining capabilities.
  • Schedule content messages to match the demographics at your location by day, week, signage. You have control over what plays. when, and at what frequency, so you can messages that changes dynamically.
  • Makes it possible to leverage real-time back-office information into your customer-facing messaging
  • Creates potential new revenue opportunities if you want to get your vendors to advertise on your network



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