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Date: 11/2/2010

Marketing “Magic” at the Window


Advantech Digital Signage Station Creates Bigger than Life iPhone4 for Taiwan Mobile

Location: Taipei

Type: Retail


The smartphone market in Taiwan is fiercely competitive as major vendors jockey for subscribers and buyers frequently change to newer and newer phones. Standing out in the marketplace is a major challenge for these vendors as they compete withone another, often with similar product portfolios. When Advantech proposed a storefront digital touch signage station to showcase Apple’s new iPhone4, Taiwan Mobile saw this as an opportunity to boost sales by differentiating their retail outlets from those of the competition. They were interested in piloting the project in high volume locations with a lot of foot traffic. To be successful the solution had to interact with potential customers from outside the shop through the display glass, it had to use an industrial-grade system capable of round the clock operation, and it had to emulate an Apple iPhone4 Smartphone.


Advantech’s AiS group helped Taiwan Mobile install the DSS-5042, 42” digital touch signage station at three of their high traffic locations. To design thesoftware interface, Advantech worked with Lightin Technology, a local-area system integrator. Advantech AiS served Taiwan Mobile as a single point of contact with complete, end-to-end project management, delivery and support. Taiwan Mobile’s flagship store, located next to Taipei’s busy Vieshow Cinema, attracts movie-goers from early morning to late evening. The digital display has proven to be a hit with the under-30 crowd, drawing over 3,000 touches per day. The display is bright and readable in sunlight; being behind the display window allows it to operate securely in all weather conditions. “We are very happy with the advertising effect we’ve seen from Advantech’s digital display and with the professional support we’ve received,” said Yuting Tsai, responsible for Taiwan Mobile brand management. “It is like a new ‘marketing weapon’ which helps differentiate our product offerings.” A new software interface is being written to transform the DSS-5042 from an iPhone into a Nokia Smartphone to meet the next advertising campaign.
Advantech’s digital touch signage stations are versatile and extendable supporting pictures, photos, video, calendaring, weather and more. WLAN gives them internet capability, and I/O options allow them to connect to a variety of back-end systems. DSS-5042 can easily be adapted to a variety of applications such as retail, grocery, banks, and so on.


Advantech’s AiS group provided Taiwan Mobile with a unique and innovative solution to help them meet their advertising objectives. The benefits gained were:
·         Differentiation in a highly competitive market
·         A truly creative and flexible advertising platform
·         A great interactive customer experience
·         The ability to advertise and display information across a variety of mediums
·         A single point-of-contact

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