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Why are some events simply better than others and over time become a fundamental point of reference? Interpreting the future, i.e., identifying both current and future competitive scenarios in a historic time characterized by complexity and turbulence...
Valuable customer experience with UTC-620 and Intel®RCM
Installation of the UTC-620 in the new Intel(r) Ingition Lab Swindon
Advantech Launches a New Small Form Factor UNO-2272G for Space Limited Applications
Advantech’s Industrial Automation Group (IAG) are pleased to announce the launch of a new UNO model designed to work in the tightest of spaces and as a dedicated Internet of Things Gateway.
Advantech Launches New Upgraded Low Power Consuming True Flat Touch Panel Computer
Advantech’s new 12.1” and 15” TPC-1251T/1551T touch panel computers are the latest of their type to use the Intel® Atom™ E3827 1.75 GHz Processor,  and to feature the much heralded iDoor Technology, a truly flat screen...
Advantech Establishes a New Advantech Corporate Investment (ACI) Department to Expand its Smart City and IoT Market Share
Advantech (2395), a leading provider in the global intelligent systems market, today hosted an investor conference and announced 1H 2014 consolidated revenues of NT$17.425 billion, an increase of 20.68% compared to that for 1H 2013. Gross profits amounted...
Arrow Electronics and Advantech stage Internet of Things Seminar in The Netherlands
Arrow Electronics and Advantech have announced that they will be jointly hosting an Internet of Things Seminar for OEMs that will not only be informative about the hottest growth area in technology but will also provide practical advice on how to take...
全球智能系統(Intelligent Systems)領導廠商研華公司(股票代號:2395)於8月12日舉行法人說明會,公佈103年上半年自結合併財務報表,合併營收約為新台幣174.25億元,較102年增加20.68%,營業毛利約為70.96億元(毛利率40.73%),自結合併稅後淨利約為23.55億元,自結上半年每股稅後盈餘約為4.12元。
Advantech Rolls Out New Server-grade Industrial Motherboards Based on Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 Processors
Advantech introduced its latest serverboards, ASMB-923I and ASMB-823I, featuring Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 processors and C610 series chipsets.
The UNO-1483G Designed Specifically for the Motion and Vision Industries
Advantech’s Industrial Automation Group (IAG) are pleased to announce the launch of a new UNO model designed specifically for the motion and vision control industries.
Advantech Launches 10-Finger Multi-touch Computer-TPC-1581WP
The new TPC-1581WP is the latest touch panel PC from Advantech and features the ability to use all ten fingers simultaneously to control all aspects of an application. The 16:9 ratio 15.6” HD display also has an integrated 7H hardness anti-scratch...
Advantech announces the collaboration with Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH, Hattersheim Germany
Advantech announces the collaboration based on a cooperation agreement with Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH, Hattersheim Germany, market leader in the industrial communication market, supporting all major Fieldbus and Real-Time-Ethernet communication modules.
Advantech Application-ready Turnkey Signage Solutions Empower Digital Signage Networks
Advantech announces its application-ready turnkey signage solutions which bundle Advantech industrial-grade digital signage players with SUSIAccess for Signage software package at no extra cost.
Advantech Launches Reliable IStorage Solutions for Industrial Cloud Applications
Advantech announces its high-performance and cost-effective Industrial Storage (IStorage) solutions with a full range of selections.
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