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Featured Post

Advantech UTX-3117 Multi-Connectivity IoT Gateway

Video | 2/5/2018
Advantech UTX -3117 is a plug & play IoT gateway to simplify your deployment with multi-connectivity and IoT software integration which is ideal for smart city, smart energy and industry 4.0.

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  • Intelligent Fleet/Logistics Management Based on Azure Cloud Services

    Case Studies Microsoft Azure | 1/30/2018
    Advantech and Microsoft, with their rich experience and expertise in their respective competitive advantages in hardware and software, have joined efforts in providing a tightly integrated hardware and software platform for intelligent logistics/fleet management.
  • E-Vehicle Charging Stations Powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

    Case Studies Microsoft Azure | 1/30/2018
    Advantech and Microsoft have jointly provided a solution with Advantech’s rugged and compact fanless computers, which come with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Services, have been deployed at solar-powered charging stations to provide a convenient platform for public EV charging stations to connect all of t...
  • Smart HVAC System for Smart Building

    Case Studies UTX-3117 Enabling Smart HVAC System for Smart Building | 1/25/2018
    These IoT-enabled HVAC systems can automatically switch equipment on and off at predefined times, monitor environmental conditions and send alerts when measurements exceed thresholds,and provide information on energy consumption.
  • Embedded Platform Wireless Solution for Smart Lighting Application

    Case Studies Advantech | 1/23/2018
    Intelligent street lighting is an important part of the energy conservation mix in smart cities. With digital networks and embedded sensors, intelligent street lights can collect and transmit data that help cities monitor and respond to any environmental circumstances, from traffic congestion to par...
  • Worldwide Certified Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth Combo Solutions for Ultrasound Application

    Case Studies Advantech | 1/23/2018
    The new generation ultrasound platforms need advanced signal transmission and reception processors providing highly sensitive and accurate echo detection. Innovative transducer technologies allow better penetration, higher resolution, greatly enhancing users’ diagnostic experience
  • High Throughput Wireless Solutions for Digital Signage Application

    Case Studies Advantech | 1/23/2018
    For digital signage application, digital signs rely on a variety of hardware to deliver the content. The components of a typical digital sign installation include one or more display screens, one or more media players, and a content management server.
  • Wide Temperature Mobile Wireless Solutions for In-vehicle IP Camera Application

    Case Studies Advantech | 1/23/2018
    There is an increasing demand for mobile-based CCTV systems especially on trains and buses as well as in-vehicle surveillance, tracking, and monitoring of fleets on the road. Wireless communication is needed between vehicle and control center.
  • IoT System Deployment in Intelligent Factory

    Video 1/15/2018
    With Advantech IoT system solutions, the production line can be automated with robotic machine control as well as visual inspection and support data visualization through our software service.
  • Connecting Edge to the Cloud, Advantech & Wind River

    Video 1/15/2018
    For future IoT markets, the diversity of applications is driving the need for a new series of intelligent and integrated solutions. By using Advantech’s secure and certified UTX gateway platforms equipped with Wind River Pulsar Linux technologies, this will increase the value of pervasiveness across...
  • Empower Automated Optical Inspection for Automobile Factory

    Case Studies | 10/30/2017
    To provide the automobile manufacturer with a multi-axis AOI, Advantech, as a leading industrial automation solution provider, builds up a comprehensive solution for automotive quality inspection.
  • Increasing productivity with integrated solutions

    Case Studies | 10/30/2017
    High throughput and quality are always demanding in semiconductor. The integrated machine must provide high speed production with the image detection to cut labor costs and reduce test error rates. This case study describes how to use the synchronous multi-axis motion control with image detection to...
  • Enhancing Vehicle Security with Mobile Video Surveillance

    Case Studies | 10/25/2017
    The issue of security for vehicles and buildings has always been a concern to business owners and managers. The ability to track, monitor, and keep updated with their assets remotely is an important requirement for cutting losses, improving service efficiency, and streamlining workflow.
  • Design Automation & Embedded Systems 2017

    Events 10/2/2017
    Design Automation & Embedded Systems 2017
  • Seamless Communications for Portable Rugged Server Application

    Case Studies | 9/18/2017
    Seamless Communications for Portable Rugged Server Application
  • High Speed Data Throughput for CompactPCI-based Networks

    Case Studies | 9/18/2017
    High Speed Data Throughput for CompactPCI-based Networks
  • Real-Time Marine Vessel Image Acquisition through Server-grade Computer-on-Modules

    Case Studies | 9/18/2017
    Real-Time Marine Vessel Image Acquisition through Server-grade Computer-on-Modules
  • Computer On Modules for Server Applications

    Video 9/5/2017
    To help our customers successfully develop server applications, Advantech provides the SOM-5992—the server-grade COM solution that solves problems. Overall, the unparalleled performance, fast data transmission, limited power consumption, and high expansion capability features of these server-grade C...
  • Flexible Modules Enable Real-time Video for Ambulance Telemedicine

    Case Studies Flexible Modules Enable Real-time Video for Ambulance Telem | 9/5/2017
    Modern technologies are expanding the ways medical care can be delivered and bringing unparalleled efficiency. This is especially significant for emergency medical services (EMS), where seconds can make the difference between life and death. With the advancements in telecommunication bandwidth and r...
  • Go Live with High Quality Video Streaming

    Case Studies Go Live with High Quality Video Streaming | 9/4/2017
    In a world of thriving social media with 3G/4G broadband mobile communications, more and more live broadcasts are streaming into Facebook, YouTube, vlogs and other online video platforms. Anyone with a smartphone can become a live event streamer or news broadcaster; access to a worldwide audience is...
  • The flagship of small form factor modules-Qseven Computer-on-Modules

    WhitePaper 8/22/2017
    Design considerations in the small form factor segment of Computer-on-Modules are critical these days as three form factor standards compete for the favor of engineers. At the end of the day, most will pick Qseven as recent studies predict. What is the secret behind these design considerations?
  • Collaboration of Advantech IoT Solutions & Arm Mbed

    Video 8/21/2017
    Advantech is developing the integration solutions from sensor to cloud. The solutions are include M2.COM sensor nodes, gateways, and WISE-PaaS IoT software platforms. Integration of Arm Mbed OS and Mbed Cloud into our IoT solutions is allowing us to bring unique and much needed gateway and device ma...
  • Guaranteed Wireless Sensor Network Development with Private LoRa Network and WISE-Link Connectiv...

    WhitePaper 8/9/2017
    This white paper explains the difference between Advantech’s proprietary private LoRa network technology—called WISE-Link—and other LoRaWAN technologies. Advantech’s solution achieves guaranteed LoRa payload data delivery with a superior networking service aimed at Small-to-Middle (SMB) businesses.
  • COM Express Basic

    COM Express Basic is euipped with the latest Intel processor. It can provides not only high-speed interfaces like HDMI/DisplayPort, PCI Express, SATA and USB 3.0 for volume data transportation, but also LVDS, PCI, and IDE for legacy applications.
  • 3.5" Single Board Computers

    Advantech's 3.5" single board computers (SBCs) measure 146 x 102 mm feature MIO extension and wide temperature support.
  • Computer-on-Module

    Advantech ARM-based computer-on-module series include: RTX, Qseven and SMARC. Advantech also developed RTX 2.0, a RISC standard platform designed for rugged applications such as military, logistics and transportation / fleet management.
  • MicroATX Motherboards

    With only 244 x 244 mm size, MicroATX (uATX) or mATX industrial motherboard is suited for space/cost sensitive applications where less than 4 slots are required. Equipped with LVDS interface, longevity and revision control, MicroATX is suitable for medical and instrumentation applications.
  • ARK-1000 Series: Ultra Slim Fanless Embedded Computers

    ARK-1000 series features ultra small and low power consumption designs that offer sufficient storage and expansion capability for easy implementation as Embedded Computers, which is ideal for space-limited applications.
  • ARK-2000 series : Easy I/O Flexibility Fanless Embedded Computers

    ARK-2000 series is an industrial modular embedded computer with rich I/O, high flexibility and easy PCIe expansion capabilities, featuring wide-input power ranges, wide temperature ranges and structural strengthening.
  • Industrial Display Kit

    Advantech Industrial Display Kit series provide 5.7"~31.5" industrial LCD panels, outdoor displays and touch screen panels which support sunlight readable and resistive touch functions, and all work well with all Advantech embedded platforms. Customization services are also provided.
  • Wireless Modules

    Advantech Wireless Module Solutions include BT, WLAN, 3G/4G and GPS modules, which combine embedded modules with software as package for embedded vertical applications that SI and IPC vendors can easily implement wireless functions into their own applications.
  • Storage Modules

    Advantech storage modules combine storage expansion modules such as SSD with advanced management software such as SATA interface as a total solution for all kinds of embedded applications.
  • Embedded Software

    Advantech Embedded Software provides different solutions to ensure your IoT security, including backup cloud solutions, embedded BIOS, OS, API Library, and integrated service platforms in WISE-PaaS Marketplace.
  • Mini-ITX Motherboards

    Mini-ITX Industrial Motherboard is designed with rich functionality, solid performance in a small footprint, and low power consumption (less than 100 Watts). With only 25 mm in height, Mini-ITX Motherboard is ideal for applications which size and power efficiency are required.
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